Lakes, Streets, and Neighbors

Will we choose to "persist for the sake of others?"

Cartoon via Andy Singer’s, Why We Drive

Happy Friday,

Grant deadline-related work really chewed up most of my week this week. But it has been submitted and the work is done for now. Fingers crossed that a few communities are awarded dollars for sorely-needed projects.

It’s never a comfortable feeling when the fate of something you put effort into is out of your hands, but that’s the majority of the job in community development and city planning. You do what you can, but ultimately a whole host of others are going to pick apart, reconfigure, criticize, and armchair-hindsight the hell out of it, and you’re helpless to stop it.

Life itself is much the same. And the point, I think, is that regardless of the external noise and judgment, we have to keep making the attempt to improve the lives of our neighbors. That’s the human thing to do. There’s value in persisting for the sake of others.

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Something I wrote

Living on the shores of Lake Erie for the vast majority of my life, I’ve become spoiled. It’s become a given to me that that natural beauty will always be just a stone’s throw away, and when I lived in Columbus for a few years, I found myself missing it terribly. And as it turns out, the lake (and its Great Lakes brethren) may become key points in the United States’ strategy against climate change. How will those places react if and when outsiders in need show up on their doorsteps?

Representative line from the piece: “We must prepare for the potential of another great migration, and the Great Lakes ought to be ground zero in those preparations.”

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